Author: Nate Walker

From science class to recess, physical education to football, cheerleading to chess club, these are just some of the numerous K-12 schools day-to-day activities. During these activities, accidents happen and can be minor to severe. On average, more than 1.35 million kids suffer a sport-related injury that requires emergency room treatment at an estimated cost of $935 million.

In today's health insurance landscape, parents are facing the burden of having higher out-of-pocket medical expenses and increasing deductibles. When parents are left to pay these expenses, they look to the school who sponsored the activity, for payment. Schools that do not have a student accident medical plan will continue to be at higher risk for exposure to contentious liability claims.

SMIC, an AmWINS Group Company, has the ability to ensure a school is covered for most school sponsored incidents, therefore minimizing parents' out-of-pocket medical expenses and a school's potential liability claims. We are able to offer a program that can fit schools' needs with the convenience of having one carrier, for a student accident policy for minor to moderate injury exposures and a catastrophic accidental medical plan for schools concerned with having severe injury exposures.