Author: Nate Walker


Choosing insurance coverages for a religious organization involves much of the same analysis as choosing insurance for a business; however, these groups differ in some respects from traditional businesses. Religious organizations are often benevolent, governed by lay volunteers or boards, using volunteers more than employees and often agreeing to let others use their facilities. These differences provide unique insurance opportunities for any benefit professional working with such a client. Should you have religious organization clients, a few unique coverages to highlight include:

Retiree Benefits

Like any other type of employer, religious organizations and churches experience the retirements of clergy and other permanent employees. AmWINS Group Benefits offers a specialized retiree medical insurance program called ClergyCare™ that has been designed expressly to meet the unique health insurance needs of retired clergy and lay employees age 65 and over for churches (or other religious organizations) throughout the country. For the past 20 years, we have helped churches reduce the cost and administrative burden of providing senior healthcare benefits by delivering cost effective, fully insured medical and pharmacy benefit solutions that save churches time and money. Our plans work seamlessly with Medicare and pick up where it leaves off. Key advantages of ClergyCareTM include:

  • Cost Savings
  • Portability of Coverage
  • Ease of Administration

In addition, we provide state-of-the-art call center services and handle every aspect of benefit administration, including open enrollment, billing, collections and policy renewals. This means organizations can free up their staff to attend to more important issues they currently face.

Accident Policies—Religious Organizations’ Accident Needs Now Covered With One Low-Premium Policy

Religious organizations play a large role in creating and enhancing a sense of community. They are a source of fellowship and a place of worship. They provide an outlet for spiritual escape and build service leaders that champion community development. They are a resource when few other options remain.

That’s why Special Market Insurance Consultants (SMIC), an AmWINS Group Benefits company, introduced a new accident product to provide protection to religious organizations for the various ways they reach a community. With a single annual policy, optional accident limits and a single, low individual minimum premium, SMIC can provide protection throughout the year, with the flexibility to include additional exposures as needed. This product is specifically designed to help minimize a church’s daily liability exposure by preventing simple injuries from developing into contentious liability claims. A single accident policy from SMIC is now available to provide coverage for all of a church’s or religious group’s various exposures, including:

  • Day Care
  • Volunteers
  • Youth and Adult Groups
  • Athletics
  • Day and Overnight Camps
  • Concerts
  • Sunday School
  • Mission Trips
  • Other Events

Regardless of size, scope or denomination, religious groups serve as a community resource, providing comfort during times of exceptional distress and relief from the trials of everyday tension or need. AmWINS Group Benefits helps these groups by providing the protection they need to continue to impact the people in their communities without worry of exposures. Other traditional coverages religious organizations typically require include:

  • Liability Insurance—liability insurance protects the church when it is liable for damages caused to another or another’s property
  • Professional Liability or Acts, and Errors & Omissions Coverage—protects employees and the church in the event of a lawsuit for an actual or alleged wrongful act in connection with their position at the church
  • Business Auto—if the church owns a fleet of vehicles, they need to explore business automotive coverage
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance—depending on state laws, churches may need to provide workers’ compensation coverage to its employees

In today’s turbulent health benefits environment, it’s increasingly difficult for religious organizations to find a cost-effective means to cover all of their insurance needs. Our breadth of options and unsurpassed industry knowledge allow us to provide the most effective and cost-efficient combination of benefits to religious organizations, regardless of size.