Author: Kim Walker

One of the most difficult threats to defend against is the individual intent on inflicting harm on strangers. The Active Shooter Insurance Program helps you before, during and after such an attack.

Educational institutions are often targeted by lone attackers because the environment is hard to secure and the perpetrator is able to enter the campus unchallenged. However, with the number of recent high profile attacks, overall awareness of the threat these individuals present
has increased. Protecting your school against these types of attacks requires a different approach. You can no longer simply purchase security hardware, you must improve your staff’s awareness of contributing factors and structure a network that enables you to gather information and forewarn management.

We are experts in helping the educational sector manage the liability you may face as the result of an attack using deadly weapons. We created the Active Shooter Insurance Program coverage to specifically assist educational institutions during these events and provide you with primary liability coverage for suits arising as a result of harm caused by such attacks.

Active Shooter Insurance Program Features

  • Flexibility to set excess and policy limits to suit your needs.
  • Written on a claims made basis.
  • Available on a standalone basis or in conjunction with other products offered to educational institutions.

Active Shooter Insurance Program Services

  • Risk assessment of insured locations.
  • 24-hour crisis management service to help you respond immediately, including securing your premises, putting in place a recovery plan and arranging emergency communications.
  • Sub-limit for crisis management services.
  • Sub-limit for counseling services provided after the event.
  • Access to Firestorm.